Studio 73’s notebook is an opening into our world as interior designers.
Here we will share with you some of our favourite craftspeople and suppliers, inspiration and industry know-how.
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The team at sulis fine arts

Sulis Fine Art

A treasure trove of antique and decorative art for collectors, homes and interiors. Celebrating the unique past of each artwork, we rescue and restore everything that ...
Rattan chair in the shape of a flower

Introducing our new Top 10!

First in the series is “Woven chairs”. Lisa and I are crazy about all things rattan, wicker and cane, so it seemed a great one to start this lovely series off with!
Interiordesign Wallpaper Studio73

The Joy of Wallpaper

If like us, you have a love for pattern it will probably follow that you love wallpaper too. The range of patterns available is huge, not to mention the simple textured ...

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